A Regional Nature Reserve for saving and highlighting an exceptional cultural and natural heritage !

Whats is a Regional Natural Reserve ?


Regional Natural Reserve is a regional development tool geared towards the enhancement of natural, cultural wealth. It ensures a balance between economic and social development, promotion and preservation of heritage. A Regional Natural Park is a rural area that includes landscapes but also a cultural heritage and natural environments in fragile balance.
The main tasks of a Regional Natural Reserve are:
– The Economic and Social Development
– Territory planning
– The protection and management of natural, cultural and landscape
– Information and education on heritage and environment

Aubrac’s Regional Nature Reserve

Panorama sur l’Aubrac à Bonnecombe

Aubrac is a rural area of medium mountain extended to three departments (Aveyron , Cantal, Lozère) with a rich and diversified heritage (architecture, landscape , fauna, flora ), still well preserved.

Its rural economy, environment, cultural heritage and know-how remain nonetheless vulnerable and threatened. In order to preserve this exceptional region, the State and local authorities have decided to create a Regional Nature Reserve on Aubrac .

Launched in 2007, the project is expected to end in 2018 with the certification of Aubrac as a “Regional Natural Park “.


Learn more

The Regional Nature Reserve of Aubrac has a dedicated website, where you will find all information and news relating to the creation and management of the park and more broadly to the history of Aubrac : www.projet-pnr-aubrac.fr.