A botanical garden in the heart of Aubrac, between Auvergne, Gevaudan and Rouergue

ubrac is a rich territory with a very varied flora, marked by the impact of climate, altitude and the succession of different backgrounds, grassland or bogs. The Botanical Garden, located near a medieval Monastery – Hospital, is a superb showcase of the rich flora of the Aubrac plateau.


ue to one man’s initiative (Francis Nouyrigat), a first garden was born in the village of Aubrac more than 30 years ago. Because of its good development, this garden went too big for its first location. In 2010, the plants were moved to a much wider field, in front of the House of Aubrac. The botanical garden now has an ideal and conducive environment for its proper maintenance, in the middle of a beautiful landscape.

Ancien Jardin Botanique. ©Sabrina ZEDE, Jardin Botanique de L'Aubrac
Jardin botanique accessibilité
Vue d'ensemble du jardin


he plants are labeled and presented in their restored home environment. On Finds In the garden : bog plants , stream -side plants, forest plants, grazing plates , rock garden plants .

The Sensitive Natural Area and Protected Plants 


ocated in the Sensitive Natural Area “Grande Prairie d’Aubrac”, the Botanical Garden has a large number of plants typical of the pastures.

Among the remarkable plants Aubrac, discover glacial relicts, insectivorous plants, heirloom plants and protected plants. A slope is provided at the entrance of the Garden to more easily observe the peculiar geology of the territory, shaped by ice and fire.

Botanical outings


xcursions to discover the flora and landscapes of Aubrac throughout the seasons are proposed by the Botanical Garden of Aubrac every Thursday morning in July and August.
Appointment at 9 am at the Maison de l’Aubrac and departure for a walk of 2 km around the village of Aubrac. The return is scheduled around 12h.
Price: 12 € adult  – free under 12 years old.
Information at the Maison de l’Aubrac either at the reception desk or by phone at +33 (0) 5 65 44 65 84

Lean More


or further information, go visit the Botanical Garden website at : www.aubrac-jardin.org.
You will find all practical information to visit the garden (physical or virtual visit) as well as a lot of photos !